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Nantong Yongchang CNC Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is professional enterprise engaging in the production and processing of precision planer-type milling machines, 53k (vertical elevator milling machine), CNC 53k (CNC vertical elevator milling machine), precision face milling machine, simple CNC, programmable face milling machine, simple CNC planer-type milling machines (walking beam type) ), static-beam CNC planer-type milling machines, CNC static-beam planer-type surface grinders, CNC static-beam planer-type guideway grinders, turret type milling machines, etc. It has a complete, scientific quality management system. By adhering to the quality concept of “customer first, perfect service, pursue for excellence and full participation”, the company is constantly casting and improving the quality of “Xinchang” machine tools. With a series of assembled parts imported from Taiwan and Taiwan's original planer-type milling machines and guideway grinders and other advanced equipment, the company can produce and process high-quality spare parts. By unremittingly implementing the overall quality management and establishing a sound quality management system, the company passed ISO9001 quality certification system and obtained the export product quality license. The company has been recognized in the industry with its integrity, strength and product quality. We welcome friends to visit and work with us.

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